Our flight here was on Air India, which seems to make people who have flown it before wince. They either claim that the bathrooms are dirty, the service is not good, or that the only saving grace is the food.

At least on our flight, every bad thing I’ve heard was incorrect. The flight was as comfortable as a 14-hour flight could be, the service was awesome, fast, and frequent, and they even left some water and snacks out in the back of the cabin to be pilfered by those that wanted. The three meals were the best I had ever had on a plane.
The bathrooms were clean. Oh yea, and the company was great!:)

A.J. sat next to us across the aisle, and we were all in the end of the plane, which I thought would suck because of the bathroom doors being next to my head, but it turned out to be comfortable because you could recline.

Every hour or so A.J. would chear “India!!!” under his breath while pumping his fists, and Meredith would…sleep as she knows best. She was awake for takeoff to hear me cheer “India!!!,” which A.J. owes me 1 Rupee for (~2 cents), but was asleep by the time the plane took its first turn 30 seconds later. Luckily, she woke up for each meal, and we got to watch an awesome Bollywood movie on a TV in the back of each seat, which we shared because hers was broken.

We saw “Tare Zameen Par” at the suggestion of a guy watching us have a hard time picking. It had Aamir Khan in it, which a groupmate in a class last year told me is a famous actor. He’s definitely eyecandy, so I guess I’ll buy that:). Meredith found the movie on the cheesy side of being good, and I really enjoyed it. It featured a young boy who is dyslexic and amazing at painting, and Aamir Khan, who is the art teacher that helped discover him and taught him to read/do math. I’d recommend it if you have 2h40m some time.

Quote of the flight: from a flight attendant trying to get people to eat the fish instead of the veg. or chicken option - “Does anyone want fish? It’s the chicken of the sea”