I consume content through many aggregators, but The New York Times (The Gray Lady) is the single source of content I go to directly at least daily to know what’s happening in the world. While it’s good for news, what sets The Times apart from other content sources is its depth of reporting. There’s one problem, though: by default, longer NYT articles do not appear in Single Page mode. This has caused me problems in the past, ranging in severity from slightly annoying (having to click Next Page) to pretty frustrating (loading articles for offline reading only to realize I only had the first page).

So I created One Gray Lady, a Greasemonkey plugin that loads all NYT content in single page mode.

To install it in Google Chrome or Firefox with the Greasemonkey plugin, click here.

I have only tested the code in Chrome, and while I did a bit of testing on various URLs, I’m sure I missed something. Feel free to send updates or suggestions!